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We Buy Houses Charlotte

No Matter Your Situation…WE BUY HOUSES!

We Buy Houses in Charlotte!  No matter what the condition your property is in, we will make you a fair offer and get the process moving fast.

We Buy Houses so when its time to sell your house call on us. You have one of two ways to sell your house. You can get it listed with a real estate agent, who will require fees and commissions from the sale. Or, you could call SELL HOME SIMPLE We Buy Houses Charlotte, where we offer you a fair price for your house with no hidden fees.

We can close on your schedule and even help you with moving. What does that mean for you? WE BUY HOUSES Charlotte! If you have a day off this week, we can meet at the attorney’s office to finalize the sale. Once you have agreed to our fair offer, we can close in as little as three days.

We buy houses directly from homeowners who want to sell without the hassles of listing the property with an agent, or pay agent fees.

No middlemen. No fees or commissions. No waiting.

There are so many reasons why you may need to sell your house fast. 

Most people sell their home because:

  • Employment transfer
  • Military Transfer
  • Relocation or emigration
  • Inheriting a house, you cannot keep
  • Job loss
  • Need to liquidate assets to pay bills
  • House needs extensive renovation
  • No equity to cater for realtor commissions
  • House has suffered a storm or fire damage
  • Divorce, etc.


We Buy Houses Fast in Any Condition, For Cash

Life can get be hard sometimes. So hard, that you may need to sell your house fast. NO WORRIES WE BUY HOUSES FAST!

We buy houses FAST in any condition, real estate properties including Houses, Rental Communities, Multi-families, Commercial, and Residential Properties. It’s a good idea to take the time to find the right real estate investment company since no two are the same. 

WE BUY HOUSES Charlotte!

To make sure you are dealing with a reputable company, ask for references. Make sure that you carefully read all of the paperwork involved with the sale, and that you completely understand all of the fees to sell your house for cash.

Selling your house with the help of real estate agents can be frustrating and costly, but with a cash buyer, your real estate transaction can be a lot smoother.


Are You In One Of These Tough Spots:

You are trying to avoid foreclosure

Repair costs are totally outrageous

Being a landlord is too stressful

Want to sell a house but it’s in probate

Your house payments are behind constantly

Worried your vacant house will be vandalized

Need to sell a house you bought with your ex

Relocating due to job


  • Sell my house fast before foreclosure!

  • Sell my moms house fast!

  • Sell my dads house fast!

  • Sell my house in Divorce FAST!

  • Sell house from Probate or Inheritance FAST!

Are you looking to sell your Charlotte NC home? If so, we are eager to provide cash offers that are fair.

You can bring all of the frustration with dealing with unwanted property to an end right now. No matter the condition of the Georgia home, we are ready to buy it.

Are you experiencing a breakup or divorce? Are you moving? Are you trying to avoid foreclosure, liens, or the mortgage going upside down? We are here to help Georgia homeowners no matter what circumstances they are facing. We buy homes that need repairs, are fire damaged, or are even uninhabitable. We help individuals looking to get rid of an unwanted property they have inherited, a vacant home, or a home with bad rental tenants. If you owe liens or are behind on your payments, we can help. We are ready offer you cash for your home and close on the deal as soon as you are ready to go. The offers we make are fair.

Do you want to sell your Charlotte NC house quickly? We can help, even if agents have not been able to sell your home for many years. In fact, we believe that hiring an agent is not always the best option.


When we buy your home:

  • Don’t worry about repairing or cleaning the house
  • You won’t waste your precious time hiring an agent who won’t deliver on their promises or who may not end up being trustworthy 
  • There’s no signing contracts that bind you to an agent for a set period of time
  • There’s no hassle of paperwork and then the waiting, wondering, and hoping process


Working with SELL HOME SIMPLE is not like working with a real estate agent. We have the financing available right now to buy your Charlotte home. There’s no hassle, stress, fees, or wasted time.

Working with us is quick and simple. The first step is submitting a short form that gives basic information about your property (below). Within 24 hours, we provide a cash offer. Once you know our offer, the ball is in your court. You choose when you want to close.

You don’t have anything to worry about when you work with us. No matter if you have tenants in the home or if the home is not in the best condition, we can handle it. You can get that cash that you need quickly and be free from your property. Since we buy homes with cash, we are able to close our deals in around seven business days.

Cash House Buyers Charlotte

You are not here by accident. WE BUY HOUSES FOR CASHFAST! Their is absolutely:

  • No waiting for banks or loans to clear
  • No waiting on realtors to list and stage home
  • No waiting on contractors to make repairs
  • No waiting on appraisals.


What is the benefits of having a Cash House Buyer?

  • Cash House Buyers will take care of all house repairs!
  • Cash House Buyers will buy your house AS IS!
  • Cash House Buyers will buy your home in DAYS and Not months!
  • Cash House Buyers will PAY ALL closing cost!
  • Cash House Buyers will create solutions to pay House Taxes, Liens, and stop foreclosures before ruining your credit for 7 YEARS!


Common Situations Where We Can Help Homeowners Include:

  • Behind On Mortgage Payments
  • Past Due Property Taxes
  • Lien And Title Issues
  • Need For Cash Quickly
  • Pending Foreclosure
  • Property In Need Of Repairs
  • Landlord Stuck With Bad Tenants
  • Urgent Relocation And Job Transfer
  • Vacant Home
  • Selling Home From Out Of The Area
  • Divorce
  • Job Loss
  • Estate Sale
  • Condemned Home

Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out… while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your house.


Do you live in Charlotte NC and need to sell your house fast. WE BUY HOUSE IN Charlotte! 


When you need to sell your house fast, then don’t go through the hassle of listing it with a realtor. Putting your home on the market for sale with a realtor can take months. Realtors are reputable agents, but they will require you to make repairs to your home, and that’s money out of your pocket. There’s also the time involved in staging the house to make it look good, and the endless open houses to deal with.

Sell My House Fast Before Foreclosure or Bankruptcy

Avoid Foreclosure sell my house: There are plenty of reasons why you may need to sell your house fast. It may be that you’re about to go into foreclosure or bankruptcy, and selling your home would be a better financial decision for you.



Moving sell my house: If your job is causing you to have to move out of the area, and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of renting your home, then selling it quickly is the answer.

Sell My House Fast Before Value Drops in Charlotte

Home values dropping sell house fast: Perhaps the neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse due to crime, traffic or other issues. You may want to get out of the area entirely and not have to wait for your house to sell in an area where the property values have gone down.


Sell My House Fast Because I Can’t Afford Repairs

Can’t Afford Home Repairs Sell My House FAST!: A great reason you might want to sell your house fast is when there are expensive repairs to make. The cost of replacing a roof or bringing the house up to code may just be too much for you.

If you need to sell your house fast, there are alternatives. Brokers will buy your property in any condition and in any location. The way most brokers work is to see the home and evaluate its condition. They’ll provide you with an offer, and if you decide to accept it, then you’ll have a cash payment in no time.

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