The probate process is a difficult situation for any family. When a loved one passes away, generally the next of kin will legally take over any assets that the deceased family member left behind wheater that asset is a vehicle, real estate, or golf clubs. The probate process can be a difficult situation for anyone to navigate if the deceased did not have a will properly draft, the process can take months or even years if the deceased had an extensive portfolio of assets to go through.

Most families do not live in the same town due to either work, marriage, or wanting to explore the world. Most families generally gather around specific holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Once a life is established outside of the hometown, few people visit as often and the connection to that hometown starts to deteriorate. The majority of people lose the connection and the only thing that gives them some sort of bond is that of family. Without that connection, a hometown is just a place where you are from.

Parents live in North Carolina and the son lives in colorado. Parents pass away and the son has no connection to North Carolina going forward outside of his childhood home which his parents left him in the will. Son has now built his life in colorado and only visited North Carolina for holidays with his parents. Now that the son owns his childhood home, what is he to do?

What are your options after the loss of a loved one? If you decide to sell your probate property, choose Sell Home Simple. Here are your options;

1) keep the home as a getaway home.
2) he can fix the property up and rent it out.
3) he can fix it up and sell it through a realtor.
4) leave the property as-is and let Sell Home Simple buy it.

#4 is the best option. No need to keep the home if he only visited the property for his parents during holidays. No need to fix up the property and rent it out. You will have to hire a contractor to fix the property up and try to manage the property from another state. Sell with a realtor? You will need to fix the property up and the realtor will receive 6% of your funds.

Sell Home Simple will purchase the property as-is. We are able to help remove anything that is not needed from the property. We can close on the deal while you are out of town so less stress and headache to worry about on your end. We are able to close in less than 30 days. The entire process is seamless from start to close.